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(Please understand that the answers to these questions are general in nature and may not cover every individual situation.)

What and why?

Mediation is a settlement process conducted by a neutral third party to help facilitate an agreement.

What are the advantages?

If it is successful, your attorneys can finalize your case within a short time by preparing the necessary documents and filing them with the court. If custody is at issue, mediation can assist the parties prepare a parenting plan that meets the needs of their children. People choose to come to mediation to minimize the economical and emotional costs of litigation. Because mediation is an efficient problem-solving process, it is now mandatory in the State of Utah.

Are you neutral?

I am an attorney who has specialized in family law, but I also conduct mediation in this area. I will not be giving either of you legal advice at the mediation, but will help facilitate the two of you to reach an agreement.

Is it Cheaper?

I charge $150.00 an hour, and each session is usually about two hours, though sessions may go longer if attorneys are present. Three to five sessions may be necessary to complete your case, depending on the number of issues in dispute. Unless agreed otherwise, I expect each of you to pay the fee at the time of each session. You will also need to pay for my time to draft the Agreement, if one is reached.

Does mediation eliminate attorneys?

If you choose to have your attorneys present, please be sure that both parties are aware the attorneys will be coming. Attorneys have the option of filing a short summary of the issues and your relative positions and submitting it to me prior to the mediation.

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