Real Estate Law Attorney in Orem, Utah

Real estate is one of our main areas of focus at Scribner Law, PC. The firm has frequently represented real estate developers in purchases, loans, obtaining local government approvals, drafting CC&Rs, exploring public utility options, and all other aspects of the business. In addition to representing developers, this firm represents clients in all other aspects of real estate, including title and boundary disputes, lien disputes, evictions, foreclosures, contract litigation. In real estate matters, we understand that time is money, and our approach is to help you find the quickest and least expensive solution to your problem.

What Types of Real Estate Matters Do You Handle?

We have a lot of experience in taking real estate from the ground up in terms of new construction and getting approvals through cities and counties. There are obviously many issues involved with that: meeting with the planning commission and the city council and working through those issues. However, the most common type of real estate cases are people who are interested in buying or selling a home and want to make sure that there is a clear title and that contracts are drafted correctly.

We’ll either draft those or review those drafted by others; and if there are issues involved that need to be taken care of to clear the title or to work things out, we can work with them to make sure that things work smoothly and take care of any roadblocks.

How Difficult Are Real Estate Cases?

Whether you’re a small business or an individual buying or building a business or home, these transactions involve similar issues. Any time you are financing a sale, the lender has to be in the first place. The lender has to have clear title. A title company insures the title, and sometimes things go quite smoothly, and the buyer doesn’t need an attorney. But if there’s anything complex or not quite right, we’ll work with the title company or the buyer or seller to deal with specific problems. Sometimes this may involve bringing a lawsuit. For instance, if there is no clear title, we may have to file a Quiet Title Action and prove who the owner is.

It comes down a lot, in those situations, to working with the title company to make the lender happy so the lender will finance the buyer.

Why Does Someone Need to Work with an Experienced Real Estate Attorney?

Real estate is a very complex area of law. Obviously, people have been buying and selling land and homes for hundreds and hundreds of years; but because of the complex nature of everything, from easement for utilities to boundary line problems with neighbors, there are dozens of issues that can arise. All of those issues can get so complicated that most people buying a home may not even know where to look. They rely on the title report, which often is good enough, but without someone who really has some experience in knowing what to look for, such as making sure that the title company isn’t charging excessive fees and the real estate contract is fair and the terms are okay, it’s very easy to be taken advantage of in a real estate transaction.

Title companies and real estate agents are certainly not attorneys, and there’s probably not 10% of them that really have the experience to look closely at these types of documents and fully be able to advise a client on if there are any problems.

Why Choose Scribner Law, P.C.?

I personally have been doing real estate transactions for nearly 30 years. I have worked with many developers and general contractors and have probably helped develop 3,000 residential lots in this valley. With each transaction, whether you’re buying or selling, you really can’t pick up on all of those potential issues without a lot of experience. What sets us apart is there are very few attorneys that even understand the development process or the complexity of working through some of those issues with title work, and having done so much of it, there are very few things that can surprise us.

As part of our real estate practice, we also practice landlord-tenant law. We provide Landlords eviction services for special flat rates if the eviction is a residential, rent-based eviction. We also provide single consultations to tenants who have questions about their rental agreements and legal rights.

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